About Our Leaders

About Our Leaders

Bishop Mark M. Davis
Apostle Chrislyn M. Davis-Haynes

Chief Elder Christopher Davis 

It was reported that 23% of the American population does not have any religious association.  That means that a quarter of our nation does not believe in God, does not go to church, nor have any higher power that they believe in.   This means that there are a lot of breathing, moving people who are walking in the dark and who are truly dead inside.

This explains why the violence in our country is on the rise.  This explains why more and more of our youth are going to prison for 20 plus years.  This explains why more people are killing each other and killing themselves.  This is why so many of our youth does not have any respect for authority.  This is why so many people have low self-esteem.   This is why many people have no vision.  THEY DON’T HAVE GOD!!!

As we can see, “The harvest is plenty but the laborers are few.” (Mathew 9:37) 

Many people have left the church because they have been hurt by the church.  Our goal is to spread GOD’S love to everyone we can, and be that light that will draw all men unto HIM.

We believe that it is our purpose to help inspire others to build their own, personal relationship with the LORD, through reading and understanding GOD’S Word, and communicating with GOD through prayer. Anyone can fulfill GOD’S purpose in their life.

We have to love them to CHRIST!  

Bishop Mark serves along with Chief Elder Christopher Davis (brother) and Pastor/Apostle Chrislyn Davis-Haynes (sister) to continue the mission of Anointed Word…”TO MAKE READY A PEOPLE PREPARED FOR THE LORD!”