About Our Pastor

About Our Pastor


Pastor Chrislyn Markell Davis-Haynes was born on February 23, 1980 in Atlanta, Ga. to the late Deacon Michael and Pastor Carol Rawls Davis; is married to Deacon Chevaughn Michael Haynes and is the mother of the beautiful Caroline Michelle Haynes. The youngest and only daughter of three children.

Chrislyn (a.k.a. Markell) graduated from Southwest Dekalb High School with an Advanced Academic Diploma. Having a desire to receive every level of degree offered, Pastor Markell holds an Associate in Teacher Education, Bachelor of Arts in Early Childhood Education, Masters in Christian School Administration, and a Specialist Degree in Leadership and Supervision. In addition, she is a certified Clown and Personal Trainer.


Pastor Davis-Haynes accepted Jesus Christ into her life at a very young age. While asleep one night, at the age of 12, she was visited in a dream. The Lord showed her a vision and the focus was centered on a phrase He wrote across the sky, "the gospel will surely come again". Not understanding completely, but totally overwhelmed, she shared the vision with her mother.

Pastor Carol Davis interpreted the vision, and encouraged her to hold it close to her heart. As a result, she began developing a personal relationship with God.


Since 1995, she has been determined to live for God and God alone. Pastor Davis-Haynes has been a member of Anointed Word Christian Ministries International since its founding in 1995, under the leadership of the late Pastor and Founder Carol Rawls Davis. Pastor Davis-Haynes is actively involved with and serves as the workout instructor for the TIP Health Ministry.


Continuing the legacy in Education started by her mother she serves as the Administrator and Principal of Anointed Word Christian School International and Miracle Early Learning Center which are entities of Anointed Word Christian Ministries International, Incorporated.


Anointed Word Christian Ministries International, Inc. continues to move forward under the leadership of Pastor Chrislyn M. Davis-Haynes. Joining her in this vision, Pastor Chrislyn is being assisted by her brothers Bishop Mark M. Davis and Elder Christopher R. Davis in moving the ministry into the next century.